About me

Aldous Huxley described Mantua as “the most romantic city in the world; and with an Arabian nights skyline rising above its three encircling lakes”.

Charles Dickens speaking of Romeo coming to Mantua wrote that “leaving the marshy water behind, [he] approached the rusty gate of stagnant Mantua”. Which is the correct/true definition?

Let’s come and see.


My name is Giacomo Cecchin and I have been a tourist guide in Mantua since 1995. I love to tell people stories and oddities about the town, its history and the Gonzaga family who ruled Mantova between 1328 and 1707. I have always been keen on the history of Mantua and the Gonzaga family but I do think that we can arouse visitors’ and tourists’ attention and interest only if the events from the past are looked at from a contemporary perspective and present-day sensitivity.

I’m also a journalist and I have to my credit a number of publications on Mantua.

Mantua is the town where Verdi’s Rigoletto is set, the place where Romeo bought the poison before getting back to Verona and the town where Andrea Mantegna, Giulio Romano and Peter Rubens worked for the Gonzaga dynasty, one of the most powerful and wealthy families from the Italian Renaissance.

Cobbled stones, three lakes and two splendid palaces (the Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Te) are part of a scenario of rare appeal.

Please contact me for further information or for a suggestion as to an unusual tour of Mantua, a talk about the town looked at from an unexpected perspective.

E-mail:  info@mantovastoria.it